Daily mess.


Feeling far from it.  The daily grind is wearing me down; I feel fairly isolated, angry, bored.  It’s been almost 2 years since I swapped teaching for office admin and it is slowly driving me bonkers.  I don’t know what it is I want, everything scares me and I have become ridiculously indecisive.  One minute I am ready to pack it all in and move away.  The next I am retreating and deciding maybe it’s better the devil you know…  and then the next moment I want to leave the country entirely!  Job is just a job, it’s not a career or a passion and at times it’s barely even a job, more like sitting at a desk for a prescribed number of hours trying to look busy.  I’m not sure how many other people have ‘occupations’ like this, and I’ve said before it sounds just brilliant (which it can be for a time) but it is actually soul destroying after several years!

I am angry.  Angry at the way the world is.  All the idiotic acts occurring every day- just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.  Speaking of idiocy, you know ‘now is not the time to discuss gun laws’.  No, course it isn’t.  They don’t know why he did it, so until they know that…. they don’t have the facts and can’t be talking about changing laws in a knee jerk fashion…  FACT IS he could legally buy an arsenal of fecking weapons regardless of what the motive was!!  There’s your fecking fact.  But never mind.  They need guns to shoot the bad guys.  Except the bad guys will probably mow them all down first before they get to their ‘good guy’ guns.  I just do not understand the stupid obsession with having the right to own a bloody gun.  I hate guns.

It’s the Daily Mess.



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