See these headphones?…

Been sitting on my butt all morning, so I decided to go for a walk at lunchtime.  I’m in a small office by myself, so I largely talk to no one for most of the day other than via written methods.  I was, by lunchtime, not even in the mood to talk to anyone having various musings about boredom and frustration swirling round my brain, so I plugged my very visible headphones into my phone, placed them on my lugholes and set off listening to some old tunes.  What a ruse, I thought!  No one will approach me in the shops now, it is quite clear from my giant headphones that I do not want to be spoken to!  I thought this was remarkably clever and couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before… How wrong I was!  Perhaps I looked especially dodgy and overt, trying too hard to not be spoken to that the shopkeepers felt compelled to come over and ask me if I needed any help, despite not really being able to hear them so they had to come especially close (invasion of space- another pet hate!) in order for me to know that, yes, I’m talking to you whether you like it or not.  No, my music wasn’t ridiculously loud, I’m not trying to make myself deaf, they’re just good noise cancelling headphones.

We’re not in America here.  It’s not all ‘hi, how are you today?’ as soon as you step foot over the threshold.  If I wanted help, I’d ask for it!  And if I DID actually want help no doubt the assistants would be nowhere to be found, because that’s how it goes!  It’s one of those unwritten rules. Over attentive shop assistants eyeing you like you’re a thief just because you’re idly browsing should be banned.  Let me look in peace.  Look at the visual clues I’m providing that are screaming ‘leave me alone!’  I didn’t see them approaching anyone else in the shop, why pick the one person perusing un-obstructively by themselves?

Sure, some people like chatting.  Me, not so much.  Obviously I am an introvert, I’m uncomfortable often in big social situations.  I figured out the other day that my ideal number of people to be talking in a group to is 3, including me.  4 at a push.  Obviously 2 is great, but that’s not really a group.  Any more than 4 and I’m rendered practically silent, always missing the moment to interject with my relevant anecdotes/information/comments.  I’m not interested in being the loudest or shouting over others, to me more isn’t necessarily merrier- I prefer quality small group conversations.  So that’s out there now, that’s just how I am.  Rant over.






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