But it’s just a party…

So, I’m engaged, have been since last Christmas.  It only took 34 years to find Mr Right, then another 4 to get to where we are now (a lot later than some, but if this is something you think about perhaps this is a it’s never too late story…).  Most of my friends are already married with 2.4 children, I’ve attended a fair share of weddings- some peers already on their second marriage before I even got a hint of a proposal!  That doesn’t matter though, being married doesn’t define who you are, not to me.  In fact I was always rather anti marriage, stating that it is just a very expensive piece of paper.  It really is.  But one that I’m now ready and willing (and excited) to buy.  Recently I’ve been planning the wedding, having always thought- well, it’s just a big party, right?  Hell, no- had no idea how complicated it can get!

We’re trying to do it on a budget, but I can see how easily costs spiral out of control.  I believe you can spend a lot less than we are and still have an amazing day, but somehow the ideas in my head started taking a grip and only x would do for the ceremony and the reception venue had to be y.  This was all after a considerable amount of research- flitting from getting married abroad with a select few, to eloping by ourselves, to eventually deciding actually we’d like our friends and family to celebrate with us- and now it is all coming together, the date is set for next year and I just really hope it will be a fun and relaxed day.

My main concern isn’t about the venue or anything like that though, but other people.  Everyone always says it is your day, do what you want- hard to do that when you’re really trying not to offend anyone or leave anyone out (when in reality they probably couldn’t give a rats).  So I’m inviting people I haven’t spoken to you for several years because we were friends at school (yes, why?!), picked a specific date so people with children could get babysitters more easily (yes I have drawn the line at bringing children, even this has been a bone of contention in my head, though in fact I think most of my friends are pleased to have a night off) and generally tried to plan to please everyone.  Impossible!

I do have some very wise friends who’ve been here and done it already and they assure me that the people that count will attend, and if not then it’s their loss.  They will be missing a party after all!

I just hope that, when the day rolls around, all these little stresses will melt away, that I’ll wonder why on earth I was getting het up, and that we’ll just enjoy the entire day, along with everyone that turns up!  I do, I do, I do!


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